The creation of an ECTN application for import control and customs administration can be complicated and time-consuming. Let BIM E-Solutions help you implement and run the system in your country. With our extensive ECTN expertise we can have your application up and running in a matter of months. We boast a healthy dose of digital adventurism and have an extended network of agents and partners all over the world, ready to help shippers with the declaration of their cargo into your country. Let us facilitate your international trade.

As part of the BIM Group, our strength lies within a combination of maritime expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing us to take the ECTN story one step further and being able to offer you a completely integrated Single Window story, based on your specific needs.

Single Window equals trade facilitation and digitization, offering one portal for all administrative import processes. Looking at the future, this application will definitely become the standard for international trade. Our approach? We create a Single Window which is completely custom made to fit your needs and implement it at your pace.


BIM aims to tailor your application to local needs. In order to achieve this, our dedicated project team ensures close follow-up and swift cooperation with the local authorities. The key elements of the ECTN application are of course always respected. We gather all information necessary from our clients to gain a deep knowledge of local processes, which enables the clear visualisation of the required flows within our applications. Furthermore, the milestones of your project are defined in a detailed implementation plan. BIM also offers training of your personnel.

BIM prides itself in its customer focused solutions, adopting a different project orientated approach based on the “transfer of knowledge” principal. We put the emphasis on the transfer of knowledge to our clients all while applying our extensive knowledge and experience in the field to optimize productivity and efficiency.

We believe that efficiency is vital for your application. Our maintenance contracts and technology-driven approach enable fast support.

Extra services can be provided, including analysis of the local infrastructure.

BIM’s project approach is built on the following pillars:

  • Small project team for close follow-up and swift communication
  • Tailor made application to suit local needs
  • Implementation plan defining the milestones of the project
  • Training to ensure the “transfer of knowledge” principal
  • Get a comprehensive view of the local processes
  • Technology-driven
  • Maintenance contracts for fast support
  • Extra services: analysis of local infrastructure

Furthermore, BIM holds ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certificates.


Since its creation in 1998, BIM has worked on projects that move cargo tracking, clearing, and reporting towards a paperless solution; helping to increase transparency and efficiency for the involved parties. The electronic follow-up of cargo flow enables a better management of trade and full control over international maritime commercial traffic. They have worked with various private companies as well as multiple sub-Saharan African government bodies for countries such as the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Angola, Cameroon, Togo, and Benin.

Over the years BIM has acquired strong knowledge in the IT sector, specialising in state-of-the-art Information and Communication technology (ICT) as well as web application integration, application training, technical support, and the development of web-based cargo tracking and clearing applications such as electronic cargo tracking and Single Window applications.

BIM was the first company in the world to implement a fully operational Electronic Cargo Tracking Note application (ECTN), allowing shippers from around the world to exchange information pertaining to shipments with their respective authorities. In turn, the concerned authorities will authorize shipments by means of the same application. The ECTN identifies the various actors on the transport chain, enabling users to localize and evaluate potential risks and signal them to the relevant authorities.

Today we continue our tradition of offering the best cargo tracking, cargo reporting, and customs clearance solutions with a pyramid organizational structure made up of regional coordinators, national agents and port agents. This ensures, for many shippers councils, the electronic tracking of goods and an efficient management of information regarding maritime traffic.